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Moyers 4H Members Attend Leadership Conference

Posted Date: 10/19/2022

Moyers 4H Members Attend Leadership Conference

4-H Teen Leadership Conference


Article by Elizabeth Potter of  Moyers 4-H Club –  “I think I speak for all who attended the Teen Leadership Conference when I say that it was a major success”. – Violet Spencer, 2021-2022 SED 4-H Recreation Leader

“I am really grateful to say that the TLC of 2022 was such a success!  I see many potential office holders in the crowd ahead of me!” – Jalynn Barcum, 2021-2022 SED 4-H President

     The 4-H TLC has brought many counties together and many members are now proud to be a part of such an amazing community.  During the three days that were the TLC, there were games, dnaces, community service projects, a banquest, workshops, food, new friends, t-shirt signings, and most importantly, fun. 

     The games consisted of getting to know our peers by playing a game called “The Carpet Game”. Other games were a pipe game with a traveling marble, a game where you had to flip over a tarp with your group, and lastly, a game called “Murderer.”

     The workshops were about public speaking, mental and physical well-being, communication, and following the path to being a leader.  

     The service projects were packaging cleaning supplies for those with little money who housed pets, bagging food at a food pantry, walking, bathing and feeding puppies and older dogs and making headbands for thr homeless. 

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