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Recycling Project at Moyers Elementary

Posted Date: 10/01/2022

Recycling Project at Moyers Elementary

     Recently, Shantel Krause, Moyers Elementary School art teacher, spearheaded a recycle/art project using plastic bottle tops. The first step in the project was a contest for all elementary classes to collect the bottle tops. After the bottle tops were collected, the fifth and sixth grade girlsand boys  art classes created beautiful pastoral art pieces using just the bottle tops.  That art is now on display in the Moyers Elementary building. 

     The Moyers Public School system is always mindful of recycling.  In each classroom on our campus, there is a recycling container for all discarded paper.  The contents of those containers are collected by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and taken to their recycling center in Durant, Oklahoma.  Hopefully these practices will encourage our students to be aware of recycling in their adult lives. 

     For more images of this project, please go to our Campus Life page.